Please read the following below to guide you in using the services of in a proper way ensuring that you get value for your money and our relationship soars to new heights.



  • Please take a moment to read through the directions that would be supplied to you via email once we confirm your order. This directions are crucial to your successful utilization of the unlock code that we would send to you. Failure to do this might result in your phone getting hard locked and at this point, we would not be liable for any outcomes.
  • Once unlocked, your cell phone can be used with any GSM network carrier worldwide; as such, we do not remove any power on user codes.
  • Be sure to provide the exact IMEI code that is embossed on the locked phone only. Please note that some manufacturers have a different IMEI number on the box and a totally different one on the phone. Always use the one on the phone when placing your order.
  • Once you observe your phone requesting for unlock code, do not attempt to insert your Personal Unblocking Code (PUK code) or Personal SIM code; these are completely different sets of codes and function in other manners. Any attempt to use any of these to unlock the manufacturer’s protection might cause it to hard lock. Just follow the guide we would send you and insert the code we send along too. Anything short of that, we would not be held responsible nor refund you for your obvious negligence to instructions.
  • Every phone manufacturer have designed cell phones with a limited number of unlock attempts you can try before the phone is hard locked. If on first attempt your unlock code does not work, do not keep repeating it, contact us immediately and we would provide an alternative code for you.
  • Unlocking cell phones is not the same as setting up internet on the phone. Our responsibility ends once the code we supply unlocks the phone and it becomes operational. How you use it or for what purpose thereafter is totally up to you.
  • Every unlocking code you buy is for specific cell phones and models, to unlock another; you will have to place another order another code.
  • Once the unlock code is entered into your phone and is successful, it will never re-lock again even if you upgrade the software or hard reset your phone.



  • To cancel an order you have placed with Wireless, you must contact customer support via email ( and make sure your decision to cancel the order came before we ship you the code. Unlock Code orders cannot be cancelled once shipping is on course or has been received by customer.
  • Please note that if onceitem has shipped, the order cannot be canceled. In this case, you can request to return the item for a refund (minus shipping costs).
  • Once an order is placed, it could not be cancelled.
  • When contacting customer support to cancel an order, please provide your name, the order number, and other contact information related to the order.



  • All orders are charged in USD (US Dollars).