About Us


Buying a cell phone that requires a code to unlock can be a real headache; it can be frustrating. This issue affects millions of people worldwide – the main challenge for those people who travel between different time zones frequently.  The second problem is finding competent, reliable, and smart people to unlock such cell phones. Many people have been known to lose their hard earned cell phones to quacks in their attempt to have it unlocked.


Cellunlockrs.net is a revolutionary body of professionals with up-to-date skills, innovative, and a very high capability in resolving locked cell phone issues. Our competence in this sector radiates in the way we handle customers, the services are offered, and in our top-class, highly efficient website.


Other than providing top-notch cell unlocking services, we have also created a platform where you can do this all by yourself. With just a click of the button, you can find the unlock code to your cell phone in a matter of minutes – this is an outstanding innovation.


We provide a timely solution for all sorts of phone brands, models, and carriers worldwide. The innovative technology used for unlocking and expertise in customer care has made the leading unlocking company of the market with our customers all around the world. We keep connections and updates with the cell phone industry and ensure that all codes from different companies and countries are up-to-date in our database with the unlocking methods. We secure all necessary software, which are used to unlock the phones. These qualities have secured a position and provide excellent customer satisfaction.


To provide best solutions to your phone unlocking related problem, we offer our services 24/7, 365 days a year. Our unlocking experts and customer care service brings you best in terms of quick response to your inquiries, fast unlocking transactions and as well as shipments of your order.


Payment and shipping for our highly affordable accessories and parts are done with the highest sense of responsibility; we ensure that your cards are completely safe during checkout. With such policies that are crafted, with our customers in mind, you feel secure to get the best value for your money that can offer while you unlock your cell phone.


At www.cellunlockrs.net, we rely on state-of-the-art technology to unlock any kind of phones remotely. So, in the comfort of your home or office, you can use the code we generate to unlock that cell phone. So far it’s in the market, it’s got a brand, and it’s got a model number, we have the unlock code that would work perfectly.


For us at www.cellunlockrs.net,all about timely solutions to your locked cell problems, it’s all about customer satisfaction. So, the next time you buy a cell phone that needs unlocking anywhere in the world, you know where to unlock your phone remotely.