Through our interactions with customers, we have been able to put together the following answers to questions that are most asked. However, if the answer to your question isn’t here, please feel free to contact us at sales@cellunlockrs.net.


Q: What is unlocking?


A: Unlocking of cell phone involves the scrambling of codes through very advanced methods so as to open up and gain access to the functions of the phone. In other words, different manufacturers lock the phones to protect them from functioning in certain regions of the world or with certain GSM carriers. In fact, some cell phones are programmed to function with only one carrier throughout their lifetime. These are the types of phones we provide remote codes to enable them function anywhere and with any GSM carrier.


Q: What information is needed so that you can unlock my phone in a timely manner?


A: You name, your email, your location, the phone brand, model, and IMEI number embossed on the case of the cell phone.


Q: Can you supply me an unlock code without me needing to mess with software & cables?


A: Yes, absolutely. This remote method of unlocking phones is actually what stands us out in the industry.


Q: What is the turnaround time for this service?


A: Finding the right code and payment on the website is almost instantaneous, but shipping would depend on the location of the customer. A day or two for US based customers, and a few business days for international customers.


Q: What happens if you can’t find an unlock code for my phone?


A: That is impossible because as soon as a company lunches its new phone, we can get you the unlocking code and its unlocking methods, which makes us able to unlock most of the mobiles for the company.


Q: Once I receive the unlock code how do I enter it?


A: Simply follow the instructions in the guide that we send along with the code.


Q: What happens if the phone I unlocked using your service gets lost or damaged and I need to replace it?


A: That is beyond our scope of service for now.


Q: If I have any questions about this service is there any other way to contact you?


A: Yes. Please go to our contact page or send an email to: sales@cellunlockrs.net and we’ll get back to you in a short period of time.


Q: Can My Phone Be Damaged?


A: From using our service, absolutely not. However, not following the instructions on the guide strictly can hard lock the cell phone.


Q: Who should unlock their phone?


A: People who desire to use more than one SIM network or travel between time zones or to different countries.


Q: Is unlocking my phone legal? Does it void your warranty?


A: Yes it is100% legal to unlock your phone and No it does not void manufacturers’ warranties.


Since Nov. 22, 2006, Cell Phone Unlocking is Officially Legal. The Copyright Office issued new rules allowing people to circumvent technological protection measures on their cellphones in order to be able to switch carriers and use the phone on a different network. That provides flexibility and a power of choice.


Click Here For Details On The Exemption Issued By The US Copyright Office!


The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has formally petitioned the Federal Communications Commission to issue new regulations that would require wireless carriers to unlock mobile devices -- cellphones, for consumers that wish to use other carriers.


For more information on the policy please visit here